For product information

【Power supply】
Our products are normally powered by AC100V and 50 or 60Hz. If used as a general testing system mounted on a rack, your model can employ different power voltages. Please specify the power voltage when you order. In other cases, ask us for advice. When used overseas, your model may not operate normally due to great power voltage fluctuations in some places. In this case, please ask us for a possible countermeasure.

【Operating environment】
Our products are designed to operate at 23 degree C as a reference room temperature. Your model may have a temperature rise of more than 40 degree C inside the machine due to heat generation. In a place where the temperature is high throughout the year, your model may suffer from aggravated parts deterioration. In this case, please ask us for advice.

【External size】
External size is shown as an approximate size (mm) excluding protrusions such as knob.

【Test data】
Test data is not attached. We will send a separate estimation of the test data upon your request.

【Attending test】
Attending test is conducted in IKD. We will estimate separately upon your request.

【Calibration service】
The accuracy of our products is assured by standard measuring instruments which are regularly calibrated in accordance with our national standards. Calibration service is made for pay upon your request. We have two types of calibration service, with or without data. However, please be understood that such service can not be made to customers in the places where calibration instruments are hardly carried, e.g., overseas. Calibration is made in accordance with our specifications. A certificate of calibration is attached for pay upon your request.

We endeavor to have enough stock of spare parts. However, an unexpected situation may make it impossible to obtain the spare parts or may retard the acquisition of the spare parts. Some circumstances may make us decline to repair your instruments. 

Our product price does not include shipment, on-the-spot job upon delivery and on-the-spot manual explanations. We will make an additional estimation for these services.

We guarantee our products for one year from the date of delivery. In the event of trouble during the guarantee period, we will repair the defective part free of charge. However, the defects which are not accountable to us, e.g., consumption, damage by disaster such as lightning and improper remodeling. For a repairman's travel expense and an exportation expense, please ask us. We will individually consider overseas guarantee, so please ask us for advice.

【Change of description】
Owing to improvement, description and specifications in this catalog are subject to change without notice.