L CHECKER IKD3061 Features


L CHECKER IKD3061 Description

The IKD 3061 is an adopter connected to IKD Ratio Testers, and measures the inductance of a tested standard coil in the transformation ratio test during the Ratio Tester is running. A conforming limit is set by adjusting the meter relay. Results of the judgement are indicated by lamp and buzzer. The IKD 3061 is further equipped with an external NG output which enables synchronization with other NG signals.

L CHECKER IKD3061 Specifications

Power supplyAC100V,50/60Hz
Test frequencyDepends on Ratio Tester(0.5V, 1kHz or 10kHz)
Measurement range1.6mH to 10H(at 1kHz),160μH to 1H(at 10kHz)
Measurement circuit modesLS,LP Both are available to all ranges
Dissipation factor(D)Must be less than 5
Indication and ComparatorUpper and lower limit setting with meter relay(Dissipation factor not judged)
Accurasy+ or -5%
CalibrationAdjusted with CAL volume at the front panel
ColorLight gray
WeightApprox 3.5Kg