The IKD 1000 is one of the IKD's highest-quality models with high performance and functionality. The IKD 1000 enables to include any tester necessary for testing on low frequency transformers, and to support tests on most of the transformers. The IKD 1000 provides testing on the transformers having maximum of 32 terminals without having any restriction on the difference in circuits. The IKD 1000 also provides 4-terminal measurement via any paired terminal as necessary. Withstanding voltage tests and insulation tests can be done on any winding. The IKD 1000 is equipped with CORE CONTACT CHECK function to assure accuracy of the tests on core. About 100 testing specifications can be registered in a built-in nonvolatile memory. Though IKD 1000 is digitally controlled, it is designed for easy operation. The testing specifications are centrally controlled by a controller which can provide complete test conditions and a consistent testing specification. The IKD 1000 can also be equipped with two sets of test terminals (right and left) which provide a STAND-BY function. During the testing, one of the terminals is free and ready to connect to a transformer for the subsequent testing (STAND-BY function by change-over between right and left). Composed of a lot of measuring instruments and relays, the IKD 1000 requires substantial knowledge and much labor for maintenance and repairing. Nevertheless, the IKD 1000 has a reliable self diagnosis function which assures its stable operation in production lines. A jig is indispensable for rapid operation of the testing system. The IKD 1000 is normally equipped with a jig control system which allows for an improved test environment. When combined with an external personal computer, this testing system can provide recording and storing test data and specification data in floppy disks. With this arrangement, test data can also be printed out.


Withstanding Voltage Tester IKD1010         
Output voltage 0 to 5.115kV, 5V resolution
Output transformer capacity500VA
Load drop Less than + or - 1% at 5kV with 400kOhms (50Hz)
Output cutoff setting 0.1 to 10.0mA, 0.1mA resolution
Output cutoff ammeter0 to 40.00mA, 0.005mA resolution
(Average value full wave rectification, rms calibration)
Output voltmeter 0 to 6kV F.S., 1V resolution, 3 or 4 digit indication
(average value full wave rectification, rms value calibration)
Output frequency 50 to 533Hz, sine wave, 1Hz resolution
Power-on A voltage reaches the set-up voltage after RT has passed since 0V
(RT: 0 to 10.0 sec.)

Insulation Tester IKD1020
Measurement range 100k ohms to 500G ohms
Indication Digital indication of 3 or 4 digits
Test voltage DC100, 250, 500 and 1000V (4 ranges)

Layer Short Tester IKD1030
Output voltage0 to 1200V (3 ranges)
Output capacity200VA continuous
Output voltmeter0 to 2000V (3 ranges) (Average value full wave rectification, rms calibration)
Output ammeter0 to 800mA (3 ranges)(Average value full wave rectification, rms calibration)
Output frequency400 to 2.5kHz, sine wave, 10Hz resolution
Power-onA voltage reaches the set-up voltage after RT has passed since 0V
(RT: 0 to 10.0 sec.)

Multi Meter IKD1040
Power Supply Unit     
Output voltage 0 to 511.5V (3 ranges)
Output frequency 45 to 533 Hz, sine wave, 1Hz resolution
Output capacity 200VA continuous
Output ammeter 0 to 2048mA (10 ranges)(Rms detection, crest factor less than 3)
Output voltmeter 0 to 1024V (8 ranges)(Average value full wave rectification, rms calibration)
Output wattmeter 0 to 2097W
Power-on A voltage reaches the set-up voltage after RT has passed since 0V
(RT: 0.1 to 10.0 sec.)

Secondary Voltmeter
Measurement range 0 to 1000V (4 ranges)
Detection (AC) Average value detection, rms calibration; rms detection, rms calibration; peak to peak value detection, peak to peak value calibration
DC volt measurement
DC volt measurement
AC/DC switchable (DC superimpose: 80V max.)

Ratio Tester IKD1051
Test frequency100/1k/10kHz/100kHz less than ±0.1%
Measurement range1:0.000000 to 0.039999
1:0.00000 to 0.39999
1:0.0000 to 3.9999
1:0.000 to 39.999   (4ranges)
Measuring voltage0.5Vrms/0.05Vrms(Range4)

LCZ Meter IKD1064
Test frequency40Hz to 200kHz(1mHz~10Hz step)
Measuring voltage5mV to 5Vrms,1mVrms step
Measurement range±(0.00000[unit] to 9.99999G[unit])
D:±(0.00000 to 9.99999)
Q:±(0.00 to 9999.99)
Test time2ms(1kHz,FAST,Display OFF,Representative value)
OthersBuilt-in HIOKI IM3523(LCR METER), GPIB-OPT Interface IKD 1212 is required.
DCR Tester IKD1071
Measurement range 0 to 125k ohms (5 ranges, 1m ohms resolution at min. range)
Others Copper temperature compensation function.
A thermometer and hygrometer equipped.
Controller IKD1200
ProgramPerfect setting and storage of test specifications
Memory 4Mbyte
Timer0 to approx. 10 min (minimum 0.1 sec step)
Step numberMax. 999 steps
Switching Unit IKD1100
Withstanding voltage between connectionsAC6kV 50/60Hz
Insulation resistanceMore than 2000M ohms , DC1000V
Dimensions530W×750D×1,640H (mm) (2 sets)