IMPULSE TESTER IKD3032 Description

This tester is adapted to test all sorts of coils such as various transformers, choke transformers and solenoids. In this tester, we got rid of the concept of waveform-measuring which has been used in conventional impulse testers, realized general tests with electric fundamental quantity by calculating of inductance and loss which are the most fundamental physical quantity of coil. This is an unprecedented new measuring method as it were a transient response type Q meter because it calculates inductance. This tester adopts innovative detecting method of corona components (patented) and displays the results as a bar graph. Thus, this tester can accurately test withstanding voltage of a coil.As this is an unprecedented high power inductance tester, this tester can provide new testing criteria for power which could not be realized by conventional testers, such as testing characteristics of a coil in saturated range.This tester can be put in an IKD's general testing equipment, and provide overall examination of a series of testing items such as withstanding voltage, insulation resistance and DC resistance.

IMPULSE TESTER IKD3032 Specifications

Output Voltage0.10 to 5.00 kV 10V Step
Accuracy: Less than + or - 2% of setting value + 50V (No load)
Pulse Intervals100mS
Output WaveformSeries resonance waveform of internal capacitor (0.01uF) and load
Output ImpedanceApprox. 30 ohms 10uH (0.1kV output)
Measurement Range7 ranges: 200uH/2mH/20mH/200mH/2H/20H/200H
Inductance Display2.5 digits (199) display
Accuracy: Less than + or - 5% of displayed value + 15 counts + 20uH *2
(Loss of less than 1, cable of 1.2m) *1
Loss Display2.5 digits D (0.00 to 1.99) display or Q (0.5 to 99.9) display
Accuracy: (D display) Less than + or - 10% of displayed value + 15 counts *2
Corona Detection Bar graph display of 10/20/30/40/50%
Accuracy:Undefined *3
Test Frequency Display 3 digits display
Accuracy:Less than + or - 5% of displayed value *4
TimerOFF/0.1 to 99.9 seconds
Good/NG Judgement1:Setting of upper and lower limits of Inductance
2:Setting of upper and lower limits of Loss
3:Setting of upper limit of Corona
Indicated by lamps and buzzer.
Volume of BuzzerChangeable
Power SourceAC 100/120/200/240 + or - 10% 50/60Hz
Current ConsumptionLess than 100VA
WeightApprox. 9Kg
AccessoriesCable for Power source 3m:1
Cable for Measurement 1.2m:1
Instruction Manual:1

The inductance display of this tester is determined by a single test at the resonancefrequency which is determined by the internal capacitor (0.01uF) and the tested coil.  Compared with other normal impedance meters this test voltage is extremely high, so the voltage value is different form the value of usual test (1 kHz, 1V).

Range 1 is excluded.

The coil value is the ratio of a peak value of corona generation voltage to the impulse voltage. But this value varies with the part of corona generation, so as a physical quantity it cannot determine the true value.

The accuracy of the standard clock is better than 0.01%, but it is degraded by errors of the analog section which captures periods.