RATIO TESTER IKD3053 Description

The IKD 3053 provides transformation ratio and polarity testing on audio frequency transformers, switching transformers, etc. of the multiple winding type. Because of its two selectable test frequencies (1kHz and 10kHz) and its lowest measurable transformer primary impedance as low as 0.1 ohms, the IKD 3053 can provide testing on a great variety of transformers. Further, the combined use of two or more these instruments makes it possible to provide simultaneous testing on a transformer having 5 or more circuits. Combined with IKD 3061 L Checker, the IKD 3053 also provides simultaneous transformation ratio, polarity and inductance testing.

RATIO TESTER IKD3053 Specifications

Power supplyAC100 to 125V, 200 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Measuring voltage0.5Vrms
Test frequency1k/10kHz
The lowest measurable transformer primary impedance0.1ohms (Inductance conversion: 16micronH at 1kHz, 1.6micronH at 10kHz)
Measurement range1:0.00010~9.99900
Basic accuracy + or - 0.2%
Indication of deviation + or - 0 to + or - 100.0% (Digital indication)
Comparator+ or - 0 to + or - 99.9% (0.1% step)
Response timeWithin 450ms
ColorLight gray